Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex


I spent this year’s anniversary of Angus’ passing driving from Arkansas to Dallas.  Packing a double travel day with some top-secret overtime as I was on turnaround from my last job.  Angus would have been proud!

We talk about him all the time, and there are so many things I would love to talk TO him about.  Is this recession over?  Can we raise our rates $50?  Why don’t they pay more per diem?

So many memories I think are as vibrant today as they ever were — he made such a strong mark on us all that he remains a strong force.

We miss you man.




Four Years

Another year gone by without Angus, as always he’s still very much with us.  There are so many things that come up at work where I wonder what he’d do.  Charge more, of course.  Make me laugh when I was trying to be serious.  Act like a child when everyone else was trying to be adult.

I do worry how he’d react to these slow recession years.  ”What’s wrong with these people?  Just having a slow economy is no reason to not put on huge shows with lots of overtime!”

I was in Orlando this week, had Sushi, thought of Angus.  Saw the gang, thought of Angus.  Overbilled, thought of Angus.

MAy 2012

So here we are near the end of May and my fear was that this website might have disappeared. With the coming of June comes the remembrance from several years ago. Somehow this page comforts me. Just seeing Angus’s photo looking down is right. If anyone ever checks in to this page, please post so I know who you are. My thoughts for now is just what I may have to say in my yearly update.

Three years today.

I still think about him all the time.  I’m in Orlando today.  Going to Seasons 52.  I’ll have a club soda in his honor.

Never forgotten.  Always with us.

3 years ago

Angus is still as fresh in my mind as the day we met. I keep flashing him from time to time and I often temper my comments with a little sarcastic bite in a manner I think he might have tried to ease some of the tension of the moment. Of course I keep waiting for him to come right over the top with his contribution that would break me up and finish the discussion. Still love that boy.

2 Years today

This still is fresh in my memory and my heart. Really miss the old boy.

Message from Debbie Webb, Angus’ Sister

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Angus’ death, this weekend is especially melancholy for me and my kids.  You see, last Saturday my youngest son Jordan (Kevin’s nephew) graduated from high school.  And this Saturday is his graduation party.  Uncle Kevin was not at graduation, nor will he be at the party, like he was for my oldest son Derek in 2007.  I remember in 2007 being upset with Kevin because he joked during the entire graduation ceremony, about everything, Derek’s cap and gown, my being emotional, the fact that Derek didn’t have text messaging, he so wanted to text him (something ornery I’m sure) during the graduation ceremony.  This year, I soooooooo missed those jokes and longed for him to be with us.  We miss him greatly but a year has passed and it’s time to move on so this will be my last post to his website.  Again, thank you all for the stories and the video – we truly cherish those

Angus’ Birthday

Hi friends,

I got an email from Debbie, Angus’s sister, reminding us that today would have been Angus’ 46th birthday. This, I’d think, is a great day to remember him with a good sushi dinner, as Debbie and Carolyn are doing, or maybe a wildly out of place workplace joke, or just a sigh as we all take a moment to reflect on what we’ve lost.

I know we all miss him everyday.

Best to all.


Video from Memorial Service

Jerry Bernard produced a great video pulling together the remarks at the memorial.  I’ve posted it to Google Video, here it is…

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Three Shows Weren’t Enough!

In 1998 we were doing a pharma job in San Diego.  Dale Ward recommended Angus to me because, shall we say, the schedule, the venue and the budget were all somewhat challenged?  

After Dale got me Angus’ contact number, I rang him up, introduced myself, the client, the venue and the challenges, and trust me here, the challenges were almost insurmountable!  Anyhow, fast forward to the day of load in, incidentally, which happened to fall on a Friday, you got it, Friday the 13th to be precise.  I remember walking in having only spoken with Angus on the phone, and like so many others, walked in to the venue filled with 50+ people, was able to instantly pick out Angus.  I introduce my self to Angus, expecting some sort of warm reply or return, WRONG! what I received was a dissertation on what the right thing to do was as far as having crew beverages on hand at load in.  Pretty funny by the way, especially when Angus a few clicks later brought me a hand written pice of paper explaning in clear detail the total estimated lost cost to the show, the budget and especially the time line for NOT having the proper beverages ready on hand throughout the run of show.

Needless to say, the load in, the show, the strike and Angus’ invoice all went well, matter of fact, I need to go look for that invoice as the time being 1998, email was barely being used.

Like many others here, a great and ever-lasting lesson was learned by me that day.  As a matter of fact, he taught the lesson so well that on the very next show, shall we say the crew F&B was so over-board, the price was greater than some entire electrics budgets on shows even by todays standards.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes, Angus was on that show as well and still had some commentary on what could be done better!

Angus, you will be missed, never forgotten nor will those small life (and show) lessons ever be forgotten.