Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

Message from Debbie Webb, Angus’ Sister

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Angus’ death, this weekend is especially melancholy for me and my kids.  You see, last Saturday my youngest son Jordan (Kevin’s nephew) graduated from high school.  And this Saturday is his graduation party.  Uncle Kevin was not at graduation, nor will he be at the party, like he […]

Angus’ Birthday

Hi friends, I got an email from Debbie, Angus’s sister, reminding us that today would have been Angus’ 46th birthday. This, I’d think, is a great day to remember him with a good sushi dinner, as Debbie and Carolyn are doing, or maybe a wildly out of place workplace joke, or just a sigh as […]

Video from Memorial Service

Jerry Bernard produced a great video pulling together the remarks at the memorial.  I’ve posted it to Google Video, here it is…

Three Shows Weren’t Enough!

In 1998 we were doing a pharma job in San Diego.  Dale Ward recommended Angus to me because, shall we say, the schedule, the venue and the budget were all somewhat challenged?   After Dale got me Angus’ contact number, I rang him up, introduced myself, the client, the venue and the challenges, and trust […]

Greg Cohen’s Remarks at the Memorial

Since we started this site, I’ve tried to think of funny stories to write about Angus, and there are so many.  But it’s hard to pick the right story among all the good ones, and writing, even now, is still hard.  But here is what I wrote to say at the memorial, and I thought […]

Montage from Memorial Service

Hi all, Here is the Montage that Robin Ticho created for the memorial service. Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Message from Jodi Kidneigh

When I first moved to Orlando in 1992, I worked as a temp at the front desk in the Vanco office for a few months.  I don’t think a day went by, when Angus was in town (or even when he called in from show site), that he didn’t at some point leave me blushing […]

Memories from Dale Ward

I’m not quite sure what the year was.  Sometimes it best that way, but I had asked Angus take on the job as head electrician for the Robert Palmer tour for which Shawn Richardson was the designer. I flew to Columbus Ohio to see how things were going.  The tour was playing in a theatre […]

Funny Wedding Moments with Angus

Imges from Memorial

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