Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

Memories from Erica C

Papa Smurf He decided that I was the smurf…you know the short one with the funny hats. So in turn he had to be papa smurf.  For no other reason than it made us giggle. The inside jokes, the arguments over the size of Fuji apples, the starbucks runs and sushi nights still bring a […]

Message from AJ

I met Angus once on one of my many passes thru the state of Florida. Our meeting was like many people who had the pleasure of crossing paths with Angus, brief but fun. It’s all been said already, the hair, that voice, his wit and humor, and that caring intuition found only in few. Angus […]

Mark Anson’s Poem

5 Stages (of grief)…..for Angus…in memoriam I. Taking center stage truth like poison infiltrates each thought until disbelief and denial the only antidote a blank screen where moments ago pulsed all of our collective hearts your vibrant being once larger than life now powerless to the impossible raw facts contained in suspended breath II. In […]

Memories from Megan

My name is Megan, I worked for Angus in Las Vegas. Angus was one of the best M.E.’s I had the opportunity of working for.  I worked for Angus longer than I have anyone else, and have him to thank for teaching me so much.  I always hated going to him and telling him something […]

Angus the Great

Over the couple of years that I spent time with Angus, I learned how he strived to be the best and do the best that he possibly could.  For reasons unknown to me, he achieved and was great at such qualities that many people sometimes over look, or often don’t think twice about.  But, because […]

You like spumoni too!!!

Angus has been my closest friend, mentor and fairy godmother for the past 4 1/2 years.  We had many long talks and even longer emails ( ‘ could you keep it to less than 1000 words woman !’), so I’m surprised at being clammed up for a change.  I know it’s partly because I’m still […]

Memories from Charlie Noble

My favorite stories of Angus are when we were in New Orleans on Wheel of Fortune and Hurricane Katrina was just off the coast.We were walking back to the hotel trying to figure out in which direction was the best way to get out of town.The State Police had made the highways a contra-flow,only going […]

Memories from Annie Davis

The Estrogen Crew lost their best girl friend! “Angus have you seen my paper work?. . . . . .I swear, I had it just a second a go, . . . . .it was right here,  . . . . . in my hand, anybody seen it?” Angus thank you for loving me even […]

Angus in April 08

Angus in April 08, originally uploaded by gregcohen. Picture from Tom Cariello

To my little cherub legg’d friend

The only comfort in all of this is to know that you and I will get to fly our heaven wings together. I imagine you greeting me like you used to every remote with a smile, a hug and a story. I’ll miss you always…. Love, Carol (stills)  PS a few photos from WOF San Fran […]