Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

from George Billings

I met Angus in the Vanco cable dept. in 1992. I always talked to Angus with a smile on my face; I knew I would soon need it. Through the years at Vanco and then PRG we talked when we could. My two children both worked in the shop as summer jobs and got to know […]

Angus and Laura Thomas

image, originally uploaded by gregcohen. Angus and Laura Thomas

What a “Stud!”

I ran across this picture of Kevin Angus Sinex at the age of 21! 

Memories from Cindy Sienkiewicz

I only knew Angus a short time  we worked together on maybe half a dozen corporate meetings over the last couple of years. He truly was one of a kind.  From the moment I met him, he made me laugh.  Even when he was being — let’s say — inappropriate. When we first met, we […]

…the next story

I’m not even sure if I remember correctly just which show it was….which town…what country…I do know however, that it happened on planet Angus.   It was certainly one of those load-ins from hell where schedule/design had conspired with the local crew to be especially cruel and we were on the backside of an all […]

Angus Remembered…

Like many people here I only did a handful of shows with Angus over the years, but it always seemed like I did dozens more.  There are so many forgotten faces and names in so many cities, but if you did one show with Angus, you would remember him forever.  His death has sent such […]

A short time to build on, but long Memories

His dimmer beaches were seen with awed from coast to coast; his cable highways were looked upon as a thing of beauty; he was a great man for details! Those are just some of the small things about Angus I remember. I didn’t have many opportunities to work with him but whenever I ran into […]

Memories from Richie Di Fabio

I have had the pleasure of knowing Angus since the day he started at Vanco around 1989-90. My first view was also from the rear and couldn’t wait to see the new “babe” that Martee had hired. What a surprise when he turned around and spoke. On the way into work the next morning I […]

First gig

I still have the Post-It note that Leona handed me. It says, “OCCC” Jan.29, 1990..7:45 AM..John Wolfgang Steward”. It was my first union gig after arriving from Ca. I was a little nervous standing on the loading dock with fifty people I had never met. There was a young blonde rock-n-roller next to me and […]

Wonderful Person

I didn’t spend much time with Angus but every time he came through the shop we would have very funny conversations.  He was a genuine, easy going man with a sense of humor that was infectious. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.. He will be sorely missed but always remembered… -Jesse