Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

You like spumoni too!!!

Angus has been my closest friend, mentor and fairy godmother for the past 4 1/2 years.  We had many long talks and even longer emails ( ‘ could you keep it to less than 1000 words woman !’), so I’m surprised at being clammed up for a change.  I know it’s partly because I’m still trying to deny this has really happened but the heartache is reminding me otherwise.  He was great to go play hookie with and sprung a few surprises on me over the years.  Angus was so willing to listen to my worries and help sort out life’s challenges.  I can hear his voice needling me to not fall apart over this because he’s got too much invested in me.  Many times he told me, “no matter what I’ll always be here for you,… I may be a cranky old bastard sometimes but I’m here for you “.  He was ‘there’ for so many people in both everyday ways and in trying to help them through dire emergencies.   I’m so grateful for the time we had to know each other and to go on ‘highly important missions of fun’.  The Angus I know was driven to play, work and give to the maximum.  Why settle for just being a grown-up when you can weld the power of an adult with the heart and mirth of a child ?  How great for his daughters to have had a dad like that.  Promise I’ll pass on a silly, happy story in time, but for now my thoughts of him and his presence in our world are told better by someone else.

– hearing the twinkling of a bell Peter jumped up from the ground to squint into the light of the breaking dawn, where he fixed his gaze on Tinkerbell.  “You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s the place where I’ll always love you Peter Pan.  That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

Much love and peace to Ginger and the girls (thanks for sharing your daddy with us all) and to the big circle of Angus’ family and friends that we are all a part of.   – Heather Lewis

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