Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

Memories from Megan

My name is Megan, I worked for Angus in Las Vegas. Angus was one of the best M.E.’s I had the opportunity of working for.  I worked for Angus longer than I have anyone else, and have him to thank for teaching me so much.  I always hated going to him and telling him something could not be done, because he would always find a way to get it done. Just a few weeks ago, while doing SAP in Orlando, I was telling someone how a show that big wouldn’t have gone so smoothly in any other city, because the crew we had in Orlando was great. I think Angus had a huge hand in them being that good. Whenever I couldn’t figure something out at work he would be one of the first people I would call.  Because if anyone would have an answer, it would be Angus. If he didn’t have an answer he would find it. And I always figured, even if he couldn’t find it, I’d get a good laugh.
Angus always took care of his guys. Even when I let him down on several occasions, he still hired me. Eventually, he couldn’t hire me anymore, because I had gotten so unreliable, but he still checked up on me and my daughter often. When he ran into my boyfriend Chris, he would ask him how I was doing. He cared, and I am very grateful for that.  I am also glad that he got to see that I got better.
I’m still in shock, and wasn’t really ready to write this, so I’m sure I left out so many things I would like to say, but I’m sure he knew how I felt about him. Like Angus, I don’t have a problem saying what I think. I’ll miss that about him most.

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