Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

Memories from Dale Ward

I’m not quite sure what the year was.  Sometimes it best that way, but I had asked Angus take on the job as head electrician for the Robert Palmer tour for which Shawn Richardson was the designer.
I flew to Columbus Ohio to see how things were going.  The tour was playing in a theatre on The Ohio State Fair grounds during the state fair.  Since it was state property, the Highway Patrol was handling the security at the event. (Yes folks, you can see where this is headed, but the twist is yet to come!)

Angus and I were standing at the back of the theatre watching the concert and discussing how things were going.  At one point we stopped talking and just watch the show.  After a few minutes, I noticed Angus talking to someone standing next to him, but the lighting for that particular number was rather soft, so I could not see who it was.  I could see that the person was a little taller than Angus, and was wearing a hat.  (Not unusual at a fair).  Angus now has is back to me and is giving the conversation, and the other conversant, his full attention.  As the next number starts the lights come up to full, and I can see that Angus is talking to a Highway Patrolman (Damn, that’s usually not good).  After a second look I discover the Highway Patrolman is in fact a Highway Patrolwoman!  (Double damn!  That’s really not good).

I’m trying to figure out how to get Angus out of the jam he has gotten himself into when I hear Angus say things like, “you know, I really get turned on by a woman who carries a gun,” and “do you think you could throw someone my size to the floor,” and “how many sets of handcuffs do you carry?”  Oh no, this is really, really not good!  How am I going to get him out of here before she goes over the edge and arrests him, and can I get Martee on the phone because he always had a bail bondsman on speed dial.  At that moment, the radio on Angus’s hip crackled with Shawn’s voice calling Angus to the lighting desk.  As Angus heads to see Shawn (yes the show still came first) he said to the officer “wait here, I’ll get rid of this guy and then you and I can go try out your patrol car”.  As Angus hurried away, the officer turned to me and said “is your friend for real?”  “What makes you think he’s MY friend?”  She laughed and walked away in one direction as I hurried away the other.

I never knew if Angus and the officer ever re-connected, but I know one thing was for sure, if they did, one way or the other, handcuffs WOULD be involved.

Dale Ward

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