Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

2 Years today

This still is fresh in my memory and my heart. Really miss the old boy.

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  1. thank you, nice to know someone besides me visits this website, God I miss my brother!!!

  2. I remember Angus from the 1980s when we frequented the Toy Tiger. We met through music, and ran around together a bit during those years of self-discovery, and I knew instantly that this was no mere mortal. He was always charming, jovial, and charismatic. I recall him signing his name on everything with a sharpee making a lightning bolt of the “s” in Angus. We attended a concert where they made him remove all of his studded belts and bracelets and dog collar at the security desk, and of course he had some witty insults for them that flew right over their heads. I recall him calling to tell me he’d flipped his Volkswagon Rabbit on the bridge and was grateful to be alive, making him more determined to make his mark on the world. I remember the “baja buggy” that your mom mentioned, as well. During that time he was devoted to working out, body building, and having a perfect tan and hair. He was a man who took great pride in everything that he did, and still took the time to be a wonderful friend to everyone. I am blessed to have known him and will never forget him. Debbie, I met you briefly during that time, and can tell you that he adored you. I thought, at that time, how wonderful it would have been to have had a brother who cared for me as he did you. Thank you all for sharing this site. I’m delighted to know that although it was cut short, he had a rich and full life surrounded by adventure and people who appreciated and loved him. He was …. unforgettable.

  3. Still think of him regularly. I find myself in the same tough show situations and imagining what his commentary would be. We should all be so profound to leave behind such a footprint.

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