Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

Marking a year

Sad that another year has passed — now that we’re (hopefully) out of the recession, I think Angus would have relaxed a little bit.  Who am I kidding?  He’d be wondering where the next high paying, if long hour, job would come from!

I was just watching the Apple Keynote, and I can only imagine the amount of crap I would have gotten from Angus.  “Get back to work you lazy bastard!  Are you getting paid by Apple?  Then stop watching that!”

I think about the new work I have now, and which of my clients would love him, and which would love him even more.  And maybe a couple who would ask for someone else!

He’s been gone now seven years, and so much has changed in the business, but the things he held dear — outstanding craftsmanship, hiring great people and working hard, are even more important today than ever.

I miss him still and forever.


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  1. Marking another anniversary of my brother’s untimely death….I am in Florida with my Mom, my sons, Kevin’s wife and daughters….we are here to celebrate his youngest graduating high school (ranked 17 out of 900 by the way)….great to be with family as we remember him and how he affected so many of us over his short lifetime. His oldest is studying Music Business and Entrepreneurship in Technology and his youngest will be studying Illustration and Design so he lives on in each of them. Thanks to all who continue to remember him. I love following some of his closest friends on FB, helps me feel connected in some way. Special thanks to Greg for keeping his memory alive with this website, which is very comforting for me to visit from time to time.

    Debbie Webb

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