Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex


A year has gone by and I miss Angus no less. The influence he has had on us all has been profound and I often wonder how he’d deal with a particular client request  or a difficult local crew.  He’d keep us smiling as he did something outrageous. 

Never forgotten, but I think we all miss him a little more on the anniversary of losing him.  

3 Responses to “2016”

  1. Greg, I hope you saw my comment to your post of last year. I couldn’t figure out how to post except to comment on an existing post. Thank you for continuing to remember my brother.

  2. 2017…another year and we still remember….I asked my son yesterday if he remembered what happened 9 years ago and he replied “I will never forget that day”

  3. Someone new learned of Angus.

    Keep it going everyone!!

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