Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

An instant. Ten long years.

I think we all knew the world would continue to turn without him, but I think we’re all a little surprised that it does. 

It’s been ten years since the world lost Angus. In some ways, it feels like it’s been no time at all. His name still comes up in my contacts. I still think about how he would deal with a particular problem or ridicule a certain job. I wonder how he would be able to help me through the rough times I’ve been through, telling me not to worry, that I had nothing to complain about. At least I had a job, as limited as my skills may be.

For myself, I constantly wonder what he would think of the insanity in the world today. Not just the politics. But our business in this post-recession era seems like a wild, untamed world, and I think I wish Angus was here to tame it. 

I feel constantly for his family he left behind – even as I see what accomplished women his girls have become. He would be so so proud. And we would all hear about it constantly.

We all miss him. I miss him.  Ten years gone. But not at all forgotten.




5 Responses to “An instant. Ten long years.”

  1. Thank you Greg…… all so true

  2. Thanks Greg, I think about Angus all the time. His consummate skill and approach to problems with humor has always been an inspiration to me. We miss you Angus…

  3. He is still in my contacts. Think of him often. I just dialed his number. Got a recording saying the person is not taking calls…RUDE!! He makes me laugh when I think of him.Thanks Greg!

  4. Thank you Greg. It’s sweet to know we still miss him in the same ways.

  5. “They broke the mold..”

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