Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

A note from Ginger Sinex

Thank you for sharing all of your Angus stories and pictures. They have made me laugh and cry. They are helping me get thru this difficult time.

You all know his qualities and strengths when it comes to his work. He always said he was very lucky to be able to do something he loved and make a living at it. He valued all the friendships he had made along the way.

I felt his best quality was being a dad and I could have not ask for a better father for my children. As most of you know his 2 girls were the most important things to him in this world. When he was home or working in town he tried to never miss a practice, game, family celebration or school function. He wanted to make every minute with the girls count and he did. He always told them all the long hours, many phone calls and time spent away from them was so he could give them the best life possible.

Some of you have met his girls but for those of you have not he will live on thru them.

Trista is great at problem solving. She always has a quick answer and knows her way is the best and right way to do it. She is strong willed and stands up and fights for what she believes in and for the people she cares about.. She is also a very caring person who would do anything for anybody just like her dad.

Shawnee has his long blonde hair and his quick funny wit. She loves to make people laugh and will do almost anything to get a laugh. She can come up with a quick funny one liner and yes just like Angus sometimes they can be shocking and inappropriate.

To his Road family thanks for everything you have done for him over the years and we knew he was in good hands when he was not with us.

Please keep your stories and pictures coming and know that his family and I greatly appreciate it.

Ginger(His Florida wife)

13 Responses to “A note from Ginger Sinex”

  1. Dear Ginger,

    I have tried for 6 days to find the words to express how I felt about Angus. Everything I came up with just didn’t do justice to how much he meant to me. In lots of ways he was like my son, and in lots of ways he was like my father…..way younger, but WAY wiser….. I learned SO much from him.

    It just so happened that he was fussing at me in an email about 3 weeks ago….he was always fussing at me about something…… Instead of just shrugging it off like usual (it was hardly anything new, after all……) I sat down and wrote him an email telling him how much he had done for me and how much it, and he, meant to me. Why I chose to do it then, I don’t know. What I do know is how intensely grateful I am now that I did it. There will be a huge hole in my life and in my heart for a long, long time.

    I was always so glad that you were the one he chose to share his life with. You were smart enough to realize that you had a very special husband and loved him just the way he was. Not every woman could have done that. You and the girls were absolutely number 1 in his life. There was never any doubt to his work family where his priorities were.

    My heart aches for you,Trista, Shawnee and his Mom. I know your lives will never be the same….neither will mine.

    I am so very, very sorry.
    Barbara Rocker

  2. With so much sadness, I will sorely miss Angus…
    I enjoyed the time spent on calls with him, though seldom in his Dept.
    He always had kind word, a clever line or gag….
    God Bless you Angus
    To his Family, and colleges may you all find peace…we are all better having known him.

    Farewell, Good Friend….

    Roger Ragland

  3. My deapest simpathy to you and your girls. I can’t imagine how much pain you must be feeling!! I know that I still have difficulty believing that I will never see that crooked smile of his.

    I saw him seldom, but everytime I did see him, it was as if it were yesterday. He was one of a kind!! All I can figure is that God needed a good laugh!! There is no doubt where Angus went!!

    May he rest in peace and may God bless his family.

  4. Dear Ginger, Trista, and Shawnee,

    Your husband and father was one of the best in the business. As a designer and later producer, if I had a show coming up in Orlando his name was the first one I called out of my Rolodex. Unfortunately for me he was so good he wasn’t always available. He left an indelible mark on each one of us and our industry as a whole. He will be missed because he was irreplaceable. My heart goes out to you and your family during this very hard time and I will pray for you all. It sounds like you girls are a good mix of your father so he will live on in you and will smile down on you every day. Continue to grow and make him proud. He was so proud of you and talked about all of you often. Ginger, he loved this business and his job made him happy, but he was happiest when he was with you and his girls and he let everyone know that.

    God Bless you and your Family
    Trey Hensley

  5. Dear Ginger, Trista, and Shawnee,

    Angus provided me with so many good lessons about living that I am only beginning to understand the complexity of his character. He embraced the perfect balance of light-heartedness and seriousness. His type is very rare and therefore extremely valuable. I can only imagine the stories you all must have. Each moment you spent with him will come back to support you as you grow and continue on. Trust that you have been with a “Master” and that you are protected by wisdom that was passed on the very best way; by example. You are all very fortunate. We only had Angus as a friend and co-worker, He dedicated himself to your lives and well-being. I cannot wait until the day that I see you all, for I know that I will see Angus again through you.

    All my love and support during this transition period.


  6. Dear Ginger, You made Angus able to do what he loved. Over and over again he told me how proud he was of his adorable girls, and he ALWAYS attributed their amazing character to you. I’m sure it has been trying for you to be home alone, solving every problem on your own. What you need to know is that he gave you all the credit and respect in the world. I’m sure you’re seeing by all the stories how well loved and respected he was. But never forget where his heart and soul always was. I have the utmost respect for you Ginger. If you or the girls ever need anything, PLEASE let me help. Angus was such a shoulder to me. I only hope I could possibly give something back. Sincerely, Alex

  7. Ginger You do not know me. We will probably never meet. But I wish to speak for the entire Wrestling Fan Nation in expressing our extreme sorrow at the loss of your dear husband. We get so caught up in the excitement of the week-to week glitz of entertainment that rarely is a thought given to the men and women like your husband who work the long hours of putting it all up, making it work, and taking it back down again. They are the true heroes and are the ones that I keep in my thoughts tonight. Try to remember that he is and always will be with us as long as there are people here who love him and who were touched by him. He is gone from us just a little while. God Bless You All! Sincerely Learl McDonald

  8. Dear Ginger , Trista and Shawnee,

    Ginger, I never had the pleasure of meeting you, however , Angus never failed to talk about the family that he loved so much. You and his precious girls were the reason he worked so hard. And he did work hard. I remember when I first met Angus, I thought he was hilarious. His jokes, his wonderful sense of humor it all made the long hours not seem so long.

    Then one evening during a break from taping, I left my camera and passed by his board and work area. He was just staring at his computer, his screen saver. I made a joke to him, and he turned to me and said….” You know Diane, I miss my babies so much.” He had his girls as his screen saver, I remember that evening very well. I sat with him for a while and he talked about his “babies”……… he told me that being a Dad was the most important thing in his life to him. I looked at him differently after that taping. He seemed to be more of a “grown-up” guy than I had previously given him credit for. After that evening, I thought to myself………what an incredible family he must have.

    Angus~~~~~ I know that God is holding you tight in his loving arms, until your family and you unite once again.

    Peace and Prayers,

    Diane Farrell
    Camera Operator
    Wheel of Fortune / Jeopardy!

  9. Ginger:

    I never had the opportunity to meet Kevin, you or the girls but I feel I know a lot about you because of my relationship with Carolyn. Please know I am so very sorry for your loss. I have enjoyed reading the website and have come to the conclusion that Kevin and his family were people I wish I had had the opportunity to know.

    May God bless you and the girls and keep you safe.

    Sandy Carter

  10. Although my rock and roll career days are over, I still have fond memories and stories. I was working a corporate show in Atlanta when a 18 wheeler full of lighting equipment pulled in. As the local stagehands were unloading the truck, someone asked “who’s leading this rig” ? the truck driver responded ” the little guy …Angus”.
    This guy helped us set up and run the whole show. He was a “sparky” from the get go. He was truly a giant in his knowledge and was great fun to work with. That was my only show with him but I won’t forget it. I am deeply saddened to learn of his passing and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

    Stephen “highspeed” Chase

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