Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex



We’ve created this site so we’d have a space to share pictures and memories of the life of Angus Sinex, our dear friend and colleague.

Anyone can post a new entry here by clicking on the “Register” tag on the right.  Give yourself a username and a password, and then you’ll be able to post pictures or comments.  To do this, click on “Write a new post” after logging into the site.

Or, just email whatever you’d like to add to “” and we’ll get them up here as well.

As plans develop for a service or if we learn of an appropriate place for donations in Angus’ memory, we’ll share that on this page as well.

One Response to “About”

  1. We will all think of Angus the next time we roll into a ballroom, a theatre, or a convention center…he is unique…and uniquely missed.

    Angus was the kind of guy you had to take in doses – a gig here, a show there – all with time off in-between so you could decompress…could you imagine coming to work everyday with Angus in the next cubicle over?

    We’re on the other side of the curtain…and it’s a great side to be on.

    Ear-to-ear smiles show up during the load-ins, we hug – during our goodbyes – on the load-outs, we always remember the stories – the Barco projector on fire, the overhead sprinkler that broke over the console, the presenter drowned out by a hailstorm, the balloon drop that didn’t.

    Whenever I looked over a onsite contact sheet and saw his name, a moment flickered and my mind would say “Cool, Angus is on this one.”

    Life is fragile and very brief…Angus’ passing only reminds us of that.