Memories of our friend and colleague Kevin Angus Sinex

Memories from Erica C

Papa Smurf

He decided that I was the smurf…you know the short one with the funny hats.
So in turn he had to be papa smurf.  For no other reason than it made us giggle.

The inside jokes, the arguments over the size of Fuji apples, the starbucks runs
and sushi nights still bring a smile to my face.

He took prepping a show to a level that I had never seen before and a work ethic that I
will continually aspire to have.

Angus, thank you for being my teacher and sushi buddy.  I miss you Papa Smurf!


Erica C.

Message from AJ

I met Angus once on one of my many passes thru the state of Florida. Our meeting was like many people who had the pleasure of crossing paths with Angus, brief but fun. It’s all been said already, the hair, that voice, his wit and humor, and that caring intuition found only in few. Angus was the best and I wish I could be half the M.E. that he was.

Everyday that I am on show site, I’m reminded of him. Mainly because of “What’s for chicken?” at every meal I sit down to. Finally in reading the headlines today, I can only conclude that heaven needed it’s comedians back and called on Carlin and Angus to return.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ginger and the girls. We are all better people for having known him and i hope you can find comfort thru the words, thoughts and prayers from the “work” family that Angus was a part of.


AJ Tragethon

Mark Anson’s Poem

5 Stages (of grief)…..for Angus…in memoriam

Taking center stage
truth like poison
infiltrates each thought
until disbelief and denial
the only antidote
a blank screen where moments ago pulsed
all of our collective hearts
your vibrant being once
larger than life
now powerless
to the impossible
raw facts contained
in suspended breath

In all unfairness
cut through
an angry sky
bringing no balm for the wound
no answers to the why
only this blinding rage
at the robbery
of our expectations
upstaged and alone
to replay all we have left
the sound and the fury
mere echoes of a character
unlike any butt
one we can never forget

Here today
it’s perfectly clear
temperate now though
it wasn’t always this way
hot, wet, wild tropical depression before
the time came to pull back
from the abyss
choosing to grow and embrace
other challenges for the taming
the pleasure for you always in the doing
for us mostly in the result and suddenly
there will be none of the above
just many empty tomorrows
staring into the void
where your light has vanished offstage.

Yet here we are
backstage and poorly rehearsed
for the reality
nothing apparent
to spoil the show as it seems
that much of the world has gathered
in your honor
touched by your extended reach
celebrating you as you
continue to teach
mentor father friend
husband the son
giving our voice
to your notion of life
in a last attempt to bargain
for a reversal of fortune.

To the observant
outside this theater
on another stage
the golden underbelly of dusk
paints soundlessly while we listen
and lift a glass senses mingling
melting into acceptance
that our darkness holds the promise
of another chance
to dream out loud.

Yes, another lesson learned from you.

The only blemish on an otherwise spotless remembrance is your absence.

Memories from Megan

My name is Megan, I worked for Angus in Las Vegas. Angus was one of the best M.E.’s I had the opportunity of working for.  I worked for Angus longer than I have anyone else, and have him to thank for teaching me so much.  I always hated going to him and telling him something could not be done, because he would always find a way to get it done. Just a few weeks ago, while doing SAP in Orlando, I was telling someone how a show that big wouldn’t have gone so smoothly in any other city, because the crew we had in Orlando was great. I think Angus had a huge hand in them being that good. Whenever I couldn’t figure something out at work he would be one of the first people I would call.  Because if anyone would have an answer, it would be Angus. If he didn’t have an answer he would find it. And I always figured, even if he couldn’t find it, I’d get a good laugh.
Angus always took care of his guys. Even when I let him down on several occasions, he still hired me. Eventually, he couldn’t hire me anymore, because I had gotten so unreliable, but he still checked up on me and my daughter often. When he ran into my boyfriend Chris, he would ask him how I was doing. He cared, and I am very grateful for that.  I am also glad that he got to see that I got better.
I’m still in shock, and wasn’t really ready to write this, so I’m sure I left out so many things I would like to say, but I’m sure he knew how I felt about him. Like Angus, I don’t have a problem saying what I think. I’ll miss that about him most.

Angus the Great

Over the couple of years that I spent time with Angus, I learned how he strived to be the best and do the best that he possibly could.  For reasons unknown to me, he achieved and was great at such qualities that many people sometimes over look, or often don’t think twice about.  But, because of his being the best at these many qualities that make the world a better place, he lived his life, unmistakenly as a GREAT person.  People knew it shortly after knowing him.  I’ll treasure his place in my heart and never forget how he was such a giving man.  For I will dedicate much of my wanting to be “more like the GREAT friend and person Angus”, in his memory.  Oh and Never forget his excellent Trail Mix that came from such a generous soul. 

You like spumoni too!!!

Angus has been my closest friend, mentor and fairy godmother for the past 4 1/2 years.  We had many long talks and even longer emails ( ‘ could you keep it to less than 1000 words woman !’), so I’m surprised at being clammed up for a change.  I know it’s partly because I’m still trying to deny this has really happened but the heartache is reminding me otherwise.  He was great to go play hookie with and sprung a few surprises on me over the years.  Angus was so willing to listen to my worries and help sort out life’s challenges.  I can hear his voice needling me to not fall apart over this because he’s got too much invested in me.  Many times he told me, “no matter what I’ll always be here for you,… I may be a cranky old bastard sometimes but I’m here for you “.  He was ‘there’ for so many people in both everyday ways and in trying to help them through dire emergencies.   I’m so grateful for the time we had to know each other and to go on ‘highly important missions of fun’.  The Angus I know was driven to play, work and give to the maximum.  Why settle for just being a grown-up when you can weld the power of an adult with the heart and mirth of a child ?  How great for his daughters to have had a dad like that.  Promise I’ll pass on a silly, happy story in time, but for now my thoughts of him and his presence in our world are told better by someone else.

– hearing the twinkling of a bell Peter jumped up from the ground to squint into the light of the breaking dawn, where he fixed his gaze on Tinkerbell.  “You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s the place where I’ll always love you Peter Pan.  That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

Much love and peace to Ginger and the girls (thanks for sharing your daddy with us all) and to the big circle of Angus’ family and friends that we are all a part of.   – Heather Lewis

Memories from Charlie Noble

My favorite stories of Angus are when we were in New Orleans on Wheel of Fortune and Hurricane Katrina was just off the coast.We were walking back to the hotel trying to figure out in which direction was the best way to get out of town.The State Police had made the highways a contra-flow,only going out of town.I told him I had to lie to my family that my rental car broke down so they would leave their home and come to the hotel to pick me up.He was laughing that I came up with such a crazy idea.It worked.We said our goodbye’s,I headed west on I-10 to north Louisana and Angus headed east to Orlando,We called each other twice along the way to make sure we were ok.As the years have passed,he would always ask how my family was doing,knowing that they lost everything in the storm and they are living with me in Las Vegas. Our phone calls to each other had me laughing and smiling all day

Another story that is so true of him.We were working at the Bellagio and the show had little space backstage so we moved to the stage area above the floor.I was the job steward and he was the production electrician.We set up shop with all the cable runs and dimmers by the flyrail.He had a crew running cable across stage and down to the main underneath the stage,As we were talking,the dimmer rack was rolling past our desk,the look on his face was priceless,he jumps up and tells his crew “Guy’s,When The Dimmer Rack Start’s Rolling,I Think Maybe It’s Time To Add Another Cable……..We laughed so hard,we were almost out of breath.Later that day we ate together at Snacks and talked about all the things that happen in our very unique business.

Those memories are etched in my mind forever…..God Bless You Buddy……..

Always Your Friend,

Charlie Noble

Memories from Annie Davis

The Estrogen Crew lost their best girl friend!

“Angus have you seen my paper work?. . . . . .I swear, I had it just a second a go, . . . . .it was right here,  . . . . . in my hand, anybody seen it?”

Angus thank you for loving me even when I lost my paper work!

Thank you for being my champion. . . . . . .

Long hugs always,

Annie Davis

Angus in April 08

Angus in April 08, originally uploaded by gregcohen.

Picture from Tom Cariello

To my little cherub legg’d friend

The only comfort in all of this is to know that you and I will get to fly our heaven wings together. I imagine you greeting me like you used to every remote with a smile, a hug and a story.
I’ll miss you always….
Carol (stills)

 PS a few photos from WOF San Fran and Philly